the freedom agency

We help transform employees into entrepreneurs

If you spend your Sundays dreading Monday, you have a problem.   The Freedom Agency may bethe right solutions for you.

About us

We Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Dreams
...without the risk.

The Freedom Agency was formed to solve labor market concerns involving employers, employees, compliance and regulatory agencies. We assume the business risk for those employees who desire to transform from employees into business owners.

Cinque Jokya, Founder & CEO, 
The Freedom Agency, LLC.

I enjoyed being one of the best employees at my job, but I often felt like I was treated the worst.


What Clients Are Saying

"Becoming an independent contractor allowed me to work as many or as few hours as I wanted. I preferred this flexibilty."

Daniel Johnson

“I'm finally got paid for all the extra work I perform! In my case, I make the same monthly net income as I did before, but I work 50 fewer hours per month. ”

Julia Michele

"For me, being able to deduct4 these expenses reduces my taxable income, so we I pay a lower tax bill each year."

Robert Green

"Althought my previous employer offered health insurance, we used the plan offered through my wife's business."

Oliver Goodman